A strapless bra design with hidden or camouflaged loops or a bra with removable straps will work best but if you prefer to wear your regular bra - no prob! Just tuck in the straps of the bra and replace them with My Sexy Straps. Take each of the Sexy Straps and slide them into your bra’s loops, attaching them by way of the metal hooks. This step may be simpler to execute before putting on the bra. Fastening your Sexy Straps to your chosen brassiere will make them easier to be worn afterward as one connected piece.

Sexy Straps Instructions
The clasp and chain at the end of each of the Sexy Straps are provided for fit and length adjustment. On both sides, affix the clasp to a link on the chain. You may find the tightness of the straps easier to gauge if you adjust them after you put on your brassiere and Sexy Straps.

Sexy Straps Instructions
To keep clean use a sanitary soft dry cloth before putting storing your Sexy Straps back in the box or a mesh bag.


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