Clear, plastic fashion accessories had a major moment in the mid-nineties. It seemed everywhere you look, there was someone rocking jelly shoes, translucent chokers, and yes, even clear bra straps.

Decades ago, these see-through beauties were the sisters to spaghetti straps, seen on red carpets and high school hallways alike.

Thankfully, we've evolved past many of those trends. Yet, there are still many stores and brands that market clear bra straps as "no-show" or "invisible" solutions to your common wardrobe woes.

Today, we're here to offer a better alternative. Read on to learn how Sexy Straps are the clear winner when it comes to showcasing your style without sacrificing your comfort.

The Murky Truth About Clear Bra Straps

Clear or invisible bra straps arose of so-called necessity. In an era when tube tops and camisoles reigned supreme, women around the world were looking for a way to wear their favorite tops while still keeping their breasts supported and comfortable.

Thus, an entire industry grew.

Almost every major lingerie manufacturer developed a line of clear straps. Most were designed to hook on to strapless bras, and some were included as add-on accessories for convertible bras meant to be worn in a few different ways. 

The idea behind the concept was simple. While clear straps might be visible from close up, they're at least unnoticeable from a distance! That means that they should blend in perfectly with see-through tops, tanks, and mesh blouses, right?

Unfortunately, the answer was a very clear, "no".

Although they aren't as visible as solid-colored straps, these transparent versions aren't fooling anyone. The plastic sizing hardware that holds the straps together is often solid-colored, metal or cheaply made plastic that stands out immediately. Moreover, even if the entire strap is clear, it isn't flesh-toned.

That means it's bound to stand out against your skin, even when it's meant to do the very opposite. Knowing that, it's time to transition past the two-tone look. Rather than trying fruitlessly to get your bra straps to fade into the background, why not make them an integral and attractive part of your wardrobe?

Enter, Sexy Straps.

Transforming Your Bra with Sexy Straps

Chances are, you already have a strapless bra lying around in your closet. These bras are ideal to wear with strapless clothing, but it's no secret that the support they provide is often minimal. Even the most expensive, well-padded versions can leave you feeling vulnerable to accidental exposure at any time. 

You should be able to wear your strapless shirts and dresses with confidence! The best part? You don't have to resort to that tiny bag of clear bra straps that came with your bra.

In fact, go ahead and toss out those straps. With one pack of Sexy Straps, you have everything you need to double your wardrobe and rock every item in it, every time. Let's take a look at how our process works.

Step 1: Find Your Bra

First, find any bra from your closet.

If you have a strapless version with hidden or camouflaged strap loops, those work best. You can also use a bra with removable or convertible straps, or even your regular bra! If you go the latter route, just tuck the straps into the bra. You'll soon replace them with something much better, anyway!

Step 2: Choose Your Strap Design

Next comes the fun part! We have many different styles of straps to choose from, all meant to be worn outside of your clothing to dress up your look and add a little sparkle. You can browse our collections here and we'll go over them in greater detail later on!

Step 3: Attach Your New Straps

Once you've found the perfect pair of Sexy Straps (or a few!), you're ready to attach them to your bra.

First, take each Sexy Strap and slide it into your bra's loops, using the metal hooks to attach them. While our straps are easy to navigate when you're wearing the bra, it's easier to do this first step while your bra is off. This way when you finish, you have one final piece that's easy to slide on.

Need to make the straps looser or tighter? No problem. There's an adjustable clasp and chain at the end of each Sexy Strap so you can easily adjust the fit and the length. Just affix the clasp to the appropriate link on the chain, and you're ready to go!

After you've worn your new straps and you're ready to store them, you can wipe them down with a clean sanitary cloth and store them back in their box or in a mesh laundry bag.

Ditch the Clear Bra Straps and Sparkle Instead

When you wear a strapless top or dress, you have three options: 

  1. Wear a strapless bra and never let your guard down, always worried about that potential Janet Jackson slip-up!
  2. Wear a bra with clear straps and feel self-conscious, knowing they're still on full display.
  3. Allow your bra straps to turn into a fancy and special part of your outfit, blending seamlessly and looking totally built-in.

We're not sure about you, but Option 3 sure sounds the best to us!

Next, let's take a look at a few of the many options you have when you choose to ditch your old clear straps and embrace Sexy Straps instead!

Casual and Cool: Belize Sexy Straps

Got an off-the-shoulder blouse you adore, but no bra to go along with it? Your strapless bra doesn't give enough support and your clear straps are straight out of 1995. 

You could struggle through a possible wardrobe malfunction, or you could simply clip on a pair of stunning Belize Sexy Straps and rock your new top with confidence.

These straps feature star-shaped rhinestones attached to a durable, triple-ball metal chain. They glimmer in any light and add a playful touch to your look. When attached to your own bra, they look like sewn-in shirt straps that were always meant to be there.

This is an easy and economical way to help every top or dress in your closet pull double-duty!

We offer all of our straps, including our dazzling Belize Sexy Straps in three colors, including:

  • Silver
  • Rose Gold
  • Black

Throw these on with your favorite summer sundress or casual blouse and turn heads wherever you go, for all the right reasons.

Fun and Flirty: Casablanca Sexy Straps

Our Belize Sexy Straps are ideal for a night on the town or a brunch out with the girls. What about an occasion that calls for a slightly more flirty look?

In that case, check out our Casablanca Sexy Straps.

These are the perfect, go-to straps when you have strapless, single-shoulder or off-the-shoulder shirt that renders clear bra straps absolutely inappropriate.

Featuring a double metal chain, these straps include rows of tiny rhinestones in our three signature colors listed above, with oversized rhinestones placed strategically along the chain. Their triangular clasp makes them a cinch to add to any bra with removable straps!

Formal and Fancy: Capri Sexy Straps

Looking for a more formal solution that you can rock to a black-tie event with confidence? You would never wear clear bra straps to a special soiree or important work function.

This is where our Capri Sexy Straps come in.

Fitting in perfectly with your most playful lace tanks and your floor-length ballgowns, these will quickly become the most versatile items in your closet. Featuring a triple ball chain and gorgeous, bow-shaped rhinestone charms, these straps are the ultimate in feminine chic.

These are also offered in our three colors, with the following combinations available:

  • Black bows: Black metal chain
  • White bows: Silver, gold or rose gold chain

Bold and Trendy: Havana Sexy Straps

So far, we've explored the dainty side of Sexy Straps. Our rhinestone varieties are meant to be playful and fun while still being airy and light. Now, it's time to bring out the bold.

Our Havana Sexy Straps are the ideal antidote to boring, clear bra straps that do nothing but drag your look down.

Jam-packed with attitude and spunk, these metal straps are meant to stand out and grab attention. Each link features a trendy, wing-like design with soft, sexy curves.

Will you choose silver or modern black links to jazz up your solid-colored tops and tube dresses? What about classy gold straps or soft pink ones for your cute springtime frocks? Choose them all, and hook them into your bra with simple, universal clasps.

Everyday Effortless: Marbella Sexy Straps

We've all got that one shirt that we swear we'd wear so much more often if it only fit better.

Maybe yours is that zip-up bodysuit with the shoulders that always slide down. Or, maybe it's that cold-shoulder blouse with the elastic top that you just can't trust to keep everything in place.

Sure, you could wear a pair of clear bra straps underneath and cross your fingers that no one notices. Yet, unless they blend in completely with your skin, they're going to cheapen the look even more.

Instead, let our Marbella Sexy Straps save the day.

Each strap features 10 strands of glittering rhinestones in your choice of any of our three colors. There isn't an outfit in your closet that these can't accentuate and make infinitely more elegant. Think of them as your pearl necklace, or that great pair of black pumps that go with everything.

Destined to become instant classics, you'll be reaching for these for years.

Understated and Cool: Milan Sexy Straps

Need another pair of trusty, everyday bra straps that are fun without being too flashy?

Our Milan Sexy Straps more than fit the bill.

Each strap features two ball chains connected by a series of rhinestones in your choice of color. The rhinestones offer a refined touch that makes these straps perfect for lounging at home, working in the office, or enjoying a night out.

Because their sparkle is understated and delicate, these straps work well with any top and can even be worn as decorative accents on ones that already have straps! Attach them to your bra using the attached universal clasps and walk out of the door with a little more swagger.

Sophisticated and Sexy: Monaco Sexy Straps

There are many times when you simply don't want to fret with your bra straps or worry about them at all. Instead, you want to hit the dance floor, make a great first impression, or attend a fancy event with sky-high assurance.

When you want to look sophisticated and modern, our Monaco Sexy Straps are ideal.

Featuring a refreshing throwback to art deco jewelry with rows of double-square rhinestones, these straps are accentuated by a triple ball metal chain. This makes the look totally modern and versatile enough to go from day to night with ease.

Still Struggling With Clear Bra Straps? Try Sexy Straps Instead!

The nineties were a great decade. They gave us some incredible things, including Clueless, Beanie Babies, and TGIF.

However, that doesn't mean that your wardrobe has to be stuck in that era. If you're still trying to make clear bra straps work in 2020, it's long past time for an upgrade.

Those straps might have looked cool for a few minutes, but their appeal is quickly lost when you realize they're not only unattractive, but they're also uncomfortable! How many times have you felt one digging into your shoulder blade or flopping loosely to your elbow?

Our Sexy Straps turn your existing bras into the show-stoppers they were meant to become. Ultra-comfy, hypoallergenic and nickel-free, they're perfect to wear every day. Whether you want to channel your inner Marilyn or play the part of the innocent girl next door, we've got a collection for your closet. 

Let us help you usher in the 21st century with style and class. Shop our entire inventory online and contact us with any questions!